shining armor

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This morning is Saturday.  Usually Matthew is home.  Today he had to work.  I was prepared for it, but my biggest wonder as I drifted off to sleep last night was, “What on earth are we going to have for breakfast?!”  Especially considering I had fed them popcorn for supper… which, I must say, Jack thought was “the best supper ever!”   With little over a cup of milk left, no cereal, and all 5 kids waking up starving at the same time, what was I going to do?  Well, after I fed Betty I came downstairs to see a note by the computer from my beloved Matthew.  “Pancake batter is ready in the fridge…”  What a sigh of relief and a huge fill-up of my love tank.  The griddle was ready on the counter and all I had to do was pour the batter and drop in the chocolate chips!  Voila !  Breakfast was ready.  I so appreciate it when someone anticipates a need and helps to meet it without being asked.

Yesterday I was trying to teach Elijah the same concept.  He was throwing his tissues away into an overflowing bathroom trashcan.  Wasn’t sure if he took it to heart, but later in the morning when I was about to throw something away in the kitchen trashcan I noticed it was a clean, empty bag.  Hooray!  I love seeing knights in shining armor become even more knightly.

Needless to say, when Matthew comes home from work, a grocery trip is on the list of things to do today!  Until then… popcorn is served!


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