New Year, New Beginnings

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As baby continues to delight herself in the warmth and coziness of Mama’s womb, Mama continues to wonder how it can possibly be delightful!  I console myself that she is indeed warm and cozy and that our birthday-less month of January will finally be graced with a happy birthday.

After a wonderful family-filled weekend of Christmas-round-two, all of a sudden January hit me like a mac truck.  A few reality checks:

One of our nameless children was cleaning the bathroom (very sweet).  However, their imagination got the better of them, and as I readied myself to mop the kitchen floor, I heard and saw the dripping of water through the kitchen ceiling.  I ran upstairs to see the bathroom flooded and more water pouring out of the faucet into the sink.  The plug was in, the sink was overflowing.  At least an inch had accumulated over the entire floor.  The funniest part (I could find this funny about 24 hrs later) was the piece of dental floss strung across the sink like a little bridge over a huge lake.  That MUST be what they were trying to do.  I was not in the presence of mind to take a picture, but I think you can imagine.

Last night, in a fit of nesting, we took down our Christmas tree.  I had everything boxed away and swept up in about 30 minutes flat.  I don’t tend to linger over that job.  All of a sudden our living room has grown to be so spacious!  I’m really not that sad about it, and I usually leave the banister lights up for a few extra weeks, because they’re unobtrusive and wintry.

I was excited to wake up and see this from our backyard this morning:

It’s a beautiful reminder of how God, no matter how busy He is, and I’m sure He’s extremely busy, always takes time to delight us with His creativity.  And while He is comforting hearts, strengthening hands, providing needs, listening to us, He is also painting the sky with heavenly colors.


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