>Breakfast in Bed

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>So this morning I was woken up early with a hot cup of tea delivered to my bed.  Matthew and I were able to talk a bit before he headed out for his last day of work this week.  So nice!  I got up and had a delightful quiet morning, and the boys stayed in their beds until 7:30 on the dot!  Nadine came down bleary-eyed and looked quite put out when she saw me.  She informed me that I was supposed to still be in bed so they could make me a surprise breakfast.  I told her I would go back up and pretend to be asleep.

I then cuddled under my covers and was really excited about actually catching a few winks.  It was a little hard, though, when all I could hear were excited voices coming up from the kitchen exclaiming this or that.  “She’ll LOVE it!”  Then they came up seven or eight times to confirm my favorite tea, my favorite candy bar (?), cookie, how I like my toast, what I like with the peanut butter, etc.  Elsie joined me in the middle of the hub-bub and cuddled with me.  About 30 minutes later I heard the excited pounding of feet and loud whispering of what they would say as they triumphantly entered our bedroom.  They sang “Jingle Bells” walking up the stairs and then cheered out QUITE merrily, “MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOMMY!” and produced an old cookie sheet tray with my breakfast.

It was complete with a Christmas tree ornament snagged from the tree.  A cold piece of toast with peanut butter and the letter “M” sprawled out with honey.  A milky way candy bar from the chocolate container.  A Christmas cookie from our cookie stash.  A piece of cinnamon candy cane loaf.  A lukewarm cup of tea.  I loved it.  I especially love thoughtfulness that went into it!

Elsie and I shared the candy bar.  =)

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