>Bedtime Prayers



Yesterday was probably one of my top most emotional days of this pregnancy.  I could liken it to transition during labor.  Intense!  But as I was tucking in the boys before bed and going over the hard and fast rule of staying in their room until 7:30, Jack leaked the information that they had planned to get up “early” to make me breakfast and wash the dishes and “put all their energy into being good helpers.”  They felt the strain of disobedience just as much as I did.  I told them that was fine, but just not before 7:30.  =)

Then Elijah proceeded to pray in his raspy voice, “Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of being silly.  I just love it so much.  Thank you for giving Nadine the gift of being able to play.  Thank you for giving Jack the gift of fighting and using his imagination to be a soldier.  Thank you for giving Elsie the gift of, um, having fun.  Thank you for Your gift of being boss of everything.  You do a really good job.”

I’m always blown away by what is going on in his little head.  On the 18th, it was the 7-year mark of the day when he came home from the hospital, after being there for 5 weeks.  What an incredible memory!  He always loves telling people that he was so tiny that he fit in a Christmas stocking!


2 thoughts on “>Bedtime Prayers

  1. >::hugs::Thanks for sharing Elijah's sweet prayer 🙂

  2. >love you Aim. You were in my dreams last night. praying for you this day. merry christmas!!!

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