>Scaling the Heights

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Today was an all-out family day!  The regular Sunday school was replaced with a family service at church, which was awesome.  We enjoyed great music from the CTI ministry team that was here.  Then our whole church packed grocery bags full of food for a Thanksgiving blessing to those in our community.  The kids had a blast, and everyone delivered them to people whom the Lord laid on their hearts to give the bags.  

Then we surprised the kids and took them to a rock-climbing gym that is five minutes from our house!  We are totally stoked about this place.  Everyone but Elsie and I, climbed.  

Elsie pretty much just enjoyed her rock-climbing shoes and the bouncy floor. 
Elijah did so well climbing, until he discovered that you can “swing”, then he kept letting go so he could swing.
Jack also climbed all the way to the top on his first try, discovered he was really good at coming back down by pushing off the wall, and decided that he would only climb a few feet before bouncing off the wall to get down again.
Nadine found her sweet spot.  Something involving challenge, strength, endurance, and fun… all rolled into one compact package called rock climbing.

Matthew went really fast and did an awesome job.  Then Nadine matched his every climb and proved that she’s just as good as Daddy.

This particular wall was classified as a 5.8.  Not bad.  Oh, and Daddy didn’t quite make it as far as she did.

All in all, it was a great day!  Can’t wait until I can scale the heights… and I think I have some pretty hefty competition in my 8-yr old daughter!

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