What’s in Your Pocket?



Well, at the end of the day I picked up Jack’s shorts and thought they felt pretty, um, heavy.  So, I emptied his pockets to find this treasure trove!  Money, chains, nails, sticks, a sock, a rock, keys… wow.  And all day I was wondering why his pants kept falling down!  That boy’s sweet spot is shiny things.  The paper money is pretend, by the way.  He rolls it up really small.  The keys are his, because our real ones kept disappearing.  So, Grandma Weldon made him his own set of old defunct keys.  That, my friend, is a look into Jack’s pockets.

2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Pocket?

  1. >That is hilarious! It's like your own little magpie. At least there were no toads or snakes in his pocket! (one of my greatest fears is finding such in Riley's pocket some day!) 🙂

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