>Please Grow Old With Me

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>Oh, Matthew.  He’s off to work again this morning.  I’m so happy he got to sleep in today.  I cringe a little when I look at the alarm set for 3:45 every morning.  He wakes up and every other day he goes for a run, decked out in his yellow reflector shirt and blinking hat, and runs through the dark, discovering new roads and thinking deep thoughts.  He gets back, makes his coffee, showers, reads his Bible and is off to work before I’m even up.  I can usually hear his truck leaving– his old cherry-bomb truck.  At least once a week, instead of jogging he goes to the grocery store to pick up things we need, so I don’t have to take all of the kids during the day.  He always washes the fruit and puts it in the fridge.

I know how much he wants to get out of debt, because I want it so much too.  I thought we were getting close, and we are, but he just told me that we paid off all of the medical bills incrued from his last surgery… let’s just say it was enough for a really nice vacation.  I’m so amazed by his discipline.  He needs new clothes but brushes it off and takes care of bills.  He is content.  I think of how his clothes in the closet take up about ten hangars.  Everything else fits in his dresser.  The only sweatshirt he owns is from high-school.

Do you know what he does with the little “extra” at the end of the week?  He gives it to me so I can save for a camera, or whatever I think I might need that doesn’t fit into any category on our budget.

There are so many other things I appreciate and love about Matthew.  His humor.  His ability to sit down and  talk to anyone.  The little notes he writes to the kids and leaves all around the breakfast table some mornings when it’s been a hard week for them.  The way he likes the milk on the right side of the fridge and the juice on the left.  His discipline to be and stay healthy.  The fact that he loves to have fun, but not “fun” that compromises his integrity.  The way he has countlessly forgiven my faults and helped me to become a better wife and mother.  

I love you, Matthew!  Thank you for working so hard for our family!


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