>A Full Shore House


>This Labor Day we continued our tradition of heading  down to the shore house with the Weldons.  We had the beginnings of colds and coughs when we left, but went anyway, arriving at 1am on Friday.  It was a fun, relaxing first day… culminating in the evening when Jon and Capri arrived to announce their engagement!  We had been waiting for that for quite awhile, and there was MUCH excitement about THAT one!  Nadine told me through her smile, “Mom, they’re finally getting married!”  We’re proud of Jon for choosing such a sweet girl!  We love Capri!

Other highlights include:
 Playing Sorry with Daddy…
Talent show, featuring Bill & Marguerite played by Matthew and Jonathan…
“You raise me up” sung by Celtic Woman, impersonated by Amy and an empty beer bottle/microphone…
Harvey the Caterpiller by Dad… and so much more talent!
Some people go to the beach to listen to the waves… others, not so much.

A fishing trip where many fish were caught, but none kept.
Freeze pops…
THE tent… we slept here, while the other 6 slept in the house!
Maybe a little too much Phase 10… =)
Early morning coffee, checkers, sodoku, book-reading…
And we even got icecream and went to the boardwalk.  The only down side was that every day someone got better and someone else got sicker, myself being the worst.  Elsie pretty much cried for two days straight and was especially difficult at night.  But the memories made were priceless and fun!   

2 thoughts on “>A Full Shore House

  1. >I loved looking through all those pictures! It's funny how traveling with kiddos can be so tiring and stressful, yet so worth the memories made!!! Glad you had fun and hopefully you are on the mend.

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