>New House



A big thanks to my mother-in-law for letting me borrow her camera this week so I could take pictures around the house!
Welcome to our new home!  Here we are, eating breakfast in our sunny dining room.  
The kids each have their own desks and computers for cyber school.
Moving on, upstairs, this is our bedroom.  SO bright and breezy, with four big windows.
Elijah is playing in the boys room.  It holds a bunk bed and dresser and bookshelf.  Little else.
The girls’ room is pink, with bunkbeds, three dressers, and baby girl’s bed.  Little else.
Looking out our front living room window. 
I was so happy to freecycle this gorgeous entertainment center.  Did I mention it was FREE?  I love that the doors close so you don’t have to see the TV.
Looking in by the front door, I love the built-in bookshelves behind glass doors.
Going upstairs.
Kids busily doing school work while Mommy plays. =)  No, not really.  I’m posting this AFTER the kids are done their schoolwork.
Our kitchen is lovely and big.  Do you see the dishwasher???  The dishwasher??!!!  
We also have our home computer in here to the left, not pictured.  The door leads to the laundry room.
Our laundry room is still messy, so here’s from the middle up!  Looking into the powder room.
Going outside to the backyard… Elijah is raking and the trampoline takes up almost all of the second half of the yard.  The clothesline is back there too.
There is a fishpond under all of that brush!  Hopefully next summer we’ll have it in working order!  Everything is overgrown right now.
And perhaps my favorite thing of all, in the pavement of the patio:
So, please come over for a visit.  We are really dying for some company!

4 thoughts on “>New House

  1. >THis is so beautiful!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. >Finally!!! I've just been so excited to see pictures! Now I can picture where you are living life!!! I love your house Aim and I can't wait to see it in person – soon?? Yes, Lord, please?? šŸ™‚

  3. >Very nice house, Amy! love,aunt carol

  4. >This makes me SO happy! It looks amazing!

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