>coconut shampoo and coffee

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We took a break from our boxes to help Matt’s parents move yesterday. That was a fun family day. It will be exciting when the bulk of our days won’t have something to do with tape and a box!
Two days after we move, the kids will be starting school. After much prayer and deliberation, we chose to do cyber school this year with Nadine, Elijah, and Jack. It’s going to be fun to see if we can line up three computers in the dining room! The kids are excited to be at home this year, and we’re excited to see how everything will pan out for our family.
There are so many things I am thankful for about Matthew. I love the way that he loves our kids. Right now he’s playing a game with the older two and surprised them with a bowl of icecream. Every morning he grinds and brews his coffee in the garage, because the smell of it still makes me feel sick. And after four long months without any hot tea, because the thought of it made me feel sick, he just made me a cup to see if my taste-buds have changed.
To say that we are enjoying having cousins nearby is quite the understatement! There is something grand and delightful about seeing your sister and about your kids seeing their cousins every week that is just like balm for one’s soul. They recently had some trees trimmed at their house, and as a bonus the tree-trimmer guy rigged an 80-ft rope swing on one of their trees! All the kids LOVE it, and it’s both frightening and fun to watch.
Nadine can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and loves to serve beverages to people. Her heart wants to help and serve, and though we’re working on certain things (aren’t we all?) she has a desire to be helpful. She loves to write notes and letters! 
 Elijah has been sporting a summer mo-hawk. His favorite thing to do involves anything technical or electronic. He loves listening to music on the i-pod and doing pushups. He is excellent on his bike and excellent at reading! 
 Jack would rather conquer a castle then learn his colors, and he often reminds me of a big puppy that is growing into his paws. He wants to be big and strong and manly, yet bedtime is still hard without his ratty well-loved bear. He can eat triple the amount of crepes that I can eat. 
 Elsie is into “let me show you” everything! From going potty, to getting in and out of her crib, to getting in and out of her car-seat, to doing just about everything, she is quite independent. She loves dollies and pretty hair things and anything girlie. She never ever stops, quite like her big sister was at that age (and still is), so sometimes I expend just as much energy from watching her as I do from chasing her!
I will be twenty weeks along at the end of the week, and hope to find out whether this baby will be a warrior or a princess! I’m through feeling sick, except when I smell coconut shampoo and coffee. Oh, and that cup of tea that Matthew brought me? It tasted great!


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