>Rain & Barf

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>After commenting yesterday how glorious it would be if it would rain… God sent rain this morning!  Our whole house is starting to cool off at last, and I can almost hear the flowers clapping their petals.  It’s a great sound.  What makes this cuddly day even better is that I get to share it with Matthew!  We’re praying the rest he gets will heal his leg.  Jack also threw up last night, so I’m praying those germs stay away from everyone else!  Our bedroom looks like a sick ward!  Sometime in the night, Elsie came in “scared”.  After cuddling her for a few minutes I just couldn’t take her little kicks and wiggles any more, so I put her on the floor on a blanket with a pillow.  She loved it and is still sleeping up there.

Then Jack wandered in to say that his throat feels all better now (it stung from throwing up) but his tummy still hurts a little.  “And my legs are really slow!”  I know the feeling!  So, I made him a little bed on our floor where he fell back asleep.

He is absolutely adorable when he sleeps.  It’s hard to see my warrior boy weak, though.  We’ll see if we can make his legs go fast again!  Enjoy the rain!


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