>The Muppet Adventure

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>I have been thinking that I haven’t done anything FUN with my kids for awhile, so today we piled up and drove to a movie theatre with a friend and my sister.  There was a free showing of “Muppets Take Manhattan”, so we went!  I hadn’t seen that movie since I was ten!  On the way there our van’s oil light was blinking so I had to pull over at a gas station and buy oil.  So I bought whoppers and twizzlers too.  Once there, Elsie had to go potty twice, and Jack once, but the twizzlers kept the short crowd happy.  When it finally ended we all drove to Chick Fil A for lunch.  On the way there we had to pull over because Jack had a major melt-down because a mosquito bite got scratched open and there was some blood.  Very unlike him, and it made the trip even MORE exciting!  Once we arrived, we found the entire place was crammed with people and Elsie cried in terrified fright of the giant cow walking around.  It was pretty similar to our experience with Santa Clause this past year.  She became a Klingon and clung to me with her arms and legs while I stuffed french fries in her mouth.  Besides that, it was a delightful time!

This is the video of Elsie at Christmastime with Santa Clause.  Even though terrified, she still said, “Hi”, “Thank you” and “bye”.  A polite Klingon. =)


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