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This morning around 6:30, my grandma, Betty Horton, went to Heaven!  She had been getting weaker and weaker and now we are rejoicing that she is free of suffering and with Jesus AND Grandpa.  My grandpa died in 1996.  Here are a few pictures I found of her. She always made the best oatmeal chocolate chip recipes and worked hard her entire life.  She gave birth to 9 children, of whom my mom is the oldest, and said she doesn’t remember any of them being hard.  She lived through the depression and never let anything go to waste.  She always remembered our birthdays and sent us birthday cards ON TIME and then all of her great-grandchildren as well.  I loved my grandma and am thankful for the heritage that we have!

Four generations!


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  1. >sorry to hear that she died, but rejoicing with you that she is with Jesus now! Will be praying for you all, esp. your Mom.

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