>The Unwanted Flare-up

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>Well, today Matthew went to his rheumatologist to see what is going on with the Wegener’s Disease.  Unfortunately, after two years of being nearly symptom-free, he had another flare up.  The dreaded word, “flare-up”.  So, probably next week he will begin another round of Rituximab treatments.  The last time he had treatments was right before Elsie was born, over 2 years ago.  They told him he would probably need another treatment in 6 months, but it’s been 28 months, so we’re thankful!  I won’t embarrass him by posting pictures of him two years ago, but suffice to say, his eyes and face looked tired.  It is just amazing how good he’s been.  I hope that by catching it early this time he is able to get back on track towards REMISSION… the blessed word.


One thought on “>The Unwanted Flare-up

  1. >sorry to hear that. but, thankful it's been so long since last he struggled. praying!!!! love you guys.

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