>No training is easy…

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>In two weeks we will be running the Broad Street Run in Philly!  So, on my training schedule I was up for an 8-mile run today.  I donned my bright green shorts and a jacket and headed off in the 53 degree windy morning.  I wanted to quit at mile 1.  Matt & Nadine drove past me on their way to her soccer game and cheered me on!  Then I wanted to quit around mile 3.  There were so many hills and I really really wanted to give up and walk.  I kept thinking of the end and how I’d have to say I had stopped “x” many times and so I decided to not quit.  I wanted to say I did it, so I did it.

The reward of seeing Nadine hooping and hollering “Mommy!” when I ran up to the soccer field was worth the pain.


One thought on “>No training is easy…

  1. >way to go Amy! Proud of you. đŸ™‚ And I love seeing your kiddos faces. Miss you all. Sophia, upon seeing Jack's picture, wants me to write a poem… "Jack jumped over the candle stick." So, there you have it. Love you!

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