>Exciting Surprises!

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Two days ago I turned 30.  Matthew stayed home from work in the morning and made me breakfast and bought me roses.  Then he left for work and I pretty much just cried.  I might as well be honest here: I was a bit upset about this momentous day happening without too much fuss.  What a selfish little girl I am!  Little did I know, that Matthew’s seemingly “distant” feel was really to hide any emotions from peeking through about his excitement for what lay ahead! 
The rest of the day passed, the most exciting thing being that I ran 4 miles!  That afternoon I received a phone call from someone at Lancaster Women & Babies hospital (so I thought) telling me that my birth class this weekend was going to be postponed.  I was scheduled to take this last class to finish my doula certification.  It struck me as odd that the teacher of the class didn’t call me directly, but just as quickly it left my mind.  I found out today that Matt had one of his old co-workers from Starbucks call me from her cell phone, because it has a Lancaster area code, and pretend to be someone from the hospital.  He had to have me free for the things he had planned!  Then he had his mom call the hospital to let them know I wouldn’t be coming.  So funny. 
So, Saturday morning dawned gorgeous and bright.  Matthew got in early that morning from a lock-in at church.  After he woke up, he was pretty laid back and chill as I “made plans” to go into Philly with Rebecca.  He had her write me an email the night before to suggest the idea, but then it seemed like I planned it, so didn’t think anything weird about the fact that we were going into the city.  After all, my class was cancelled and it was a gorgeous day!  We arrived at Rebecca’s apartment and about five minutes later were swiftly ushered OUT of the building with a packet of clues and a sheet of instructions for “Amy’s Amazing Race”.  Matthew looked at me and said, “Surprise!” =)  I laughed.  So, for the next two hours or so we raced all around the city from Ikea, to Reading Terminal Market, to the Ben Franklin Bridge.  We found someone who spoke Swahili, took pictures of red dishes, daisies, and a boyscout.  I bought a mango, and we ran across the Bridge to Camden NJ and back!  That clue told us not to cheat, because they would be watching us!  Sure enough, a couple minutes into the run we heard cute little voices waaay below us and we saw our kids with Grandma Weldon, Heidi, Jacob, Rebecca and Hannah all waving madly and cheering us on.  So fun!  We found someone who ran the Broad Street Run in Philly and got an extra point.  The entire day was exhausting and fun.  We ended the night by looking at all the pictures and reliving funny moments… like when Matthew drove THROUGH Liberty Park (along the side, but still through it) to cut off 15 minutes of traffic before we got to the Bridge. 
THEN, today after church we were taking SO long to leave and I was getting tired and hungry.  Then, we locked our keys in the van.  So, Matt caught a ride with someone from church, but I thought he was AWFULLY cheerful about it, as I sat in the parking lot with all four kids, getting a little bit grumpier by the minute.  I wondered how he would get INTO our house, since it was (I thought) locked, and after all, the keys were what he needed.  When he got back and I asked him if he managed to get in the house he answered, “Yep!” so authoritatively that I didn’t even think to ask him how!  He was glad he didn’t have to lie, because the truth was, the door was open and there were about 30 people in our house waiting for us! =)   So, then he drove the OPPOSITE way to Walmart, where at this point, I swallowed my grumbling words and pulled out my Sodoku puzzle and kept quiet.  He told me there was something he wanted to buy me for lunch at Walmart.  I thought that odd, since we don’t usually buy lunch at Walmart on Sunday or any day for that matter.  I kept quiet though because I was afraid of what nasty things I might say in my low-blood-sugar-level-state.  He was stalling for time and I had no clue. 
We made it home, where I lingered in the van to finish a really good run I was on in the Sodoku.  He called to see if I was coming and so I got out of the van and entered the house where I was bombarded with, “Surprise!”  It was very very very unexpected.  I shamefully looked at Matthew and repented of all my bad attitudes.  It was a delightful day, full of friends old and new. 
It’s been a monumental week!  Before all of this, Wednesday was Matthew’s last day working at Starbucks.  We are looking forward to adjusting to having him back for supper and having more family time.  We both signed up for the Broad Street Run in Philly in May.  The kids had a full five day week of school, with no snow days, and survived!  Jack continues to prepare for his possible future of being a stunt double, by performing dangerous and daring feats throughout the day.  Elsie is becoming proficient at changing outfits multiple times a day and putting many words together to express her thoughts and feelings.  When words don’t work, she resorts to emotions, which almost never get the hoped for results.  So, we continue to work on “our words”… including Mommy! 
It’s so exciting to be surprised.  I’m thrilled to watch and see how God surprises us this year!

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