>One-hundred Snowflakes

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Tonight Nadine and I sat in front of the fire, cutting out 100 teeny tiny snowflakes for her 100th day of school project.  It’s actually only been her 3rd day of school, but on Friday it will be 100!  That is, we’ve been homeschooling up until this past Monday.  I’ve not been feeling right about my homeschooling skills and so Matthew and I went to the local elementary school and took a tour.  It is a brand new building and we were very impressed with all of the teachers and faculty, etc.  So, we registered Nadine and Elijah and on Monday off they went!  The first day, the bus missed the memo that we were going to drive them in to school so we could meet their teachers.  Jack was the only one who cried.  The second day, the bus came and Nadine was SO excited that she tripped over herself, twisted her ankle, was crying and couldn’t move for a minute.  So, the bus waited for about 30 seconds and then off it went, as Elijah was about to race outside to tell it to wait!   We piled in the car and I drove them to school, both of them crying that they had missed the bus.  Once we got there, everything was fine, and Nadine’s ankle was fine too.  Today, the third day, we were standing outside and ready 10 minutes early, stomping our feet in the snow, feeling more than ready with the 2-hour snow delay.  It finally pulled up and there was MUCH excitement and I took some pictures of their momentous achievement.
Nadine is into big words right now.  The other day she said, “I’m so flabbergasted that flabbergasted is a word!”  So funny!
Elijah likes to always think of large, hypothetical situations.  Like, “What if the bus driver is so tired and fell asleep on his way here?”  Or, “What if on my next birthday I turned ten!”  Or many other what-if-such-and-such-happened questions.  
Jack is a constant whirlwind!  He is excited to be five and go to school, but for now he’s three, almost four!  He picks his clothes carefully; to be sure his pants have belt-loops so he can hook his carabiner to them, and his own set of keys.  He loves keys.  Having just him and Elsie at home reminds me so much of when Nadine & Elijah were that age, playing together.  
Elsie is going to be two next month.  She is strong-willed, strong-bodied, and has a strong appetite.  She loves to read books now and settles down on your lap for as long as you’ll give her!  She has favorited a pink blanket and loves to hug, hold, and have near her, soft things.  She is quite fearless when it comes to going outside without a hat, gloves or socks on a 32-degree day, just so she can quickly sneak in a slide down the sliding board.  She isn’t so fearless when it comes to an ambulance siren or other disturbing noises. 
Matthew’s work continues to be steady.  The beginning of the week is always harder since he works double-duty and the kids usually don’t see him.  Sometimes we drop by Starbucks to surprise and kiss the best barista we know!  When he is home in the morning, we are pretty sure there will be chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast! 
I’ve been exercising with friends from church, four days a week, and a few of us have a little program we’re doing together.  It’s been a really good discipline to weigh in each week, and encourage eachother to push hard and watch what we eat.  The accountability has been the key to success.  I’m hoping to run the Broad Street Run again in May with a bunch of people! =)
 One night I crawled into bed to find a tissue on my pillow.  There was this note written on the tissue, “Dear Dad and Mom, I love you so much.  I have a vare bad cofe.  Love, Nadine” (Trans: “a very bad cough”) I love little notes on my pillow.  Sometimes I wake up to find a note on my window sill in the kitchen.  I usually don’t notice it until later in the day when I’m more wide awake…and when I need it most!  A little boost from Matthew that reminds me to keep on keeping on… even when it seems like I’ve picked up that same toy car twenty times that day, or had to wash an extra load of laundry because someone decided to make a mess of themselves, or even when the crumbs that I swept up after breakfast seemed to mutate themselves at lunch.  At the end of the day, there might not be a note on my pillow, but I know that everything done for Him will count for eternity.  
 Jack telling me something very dramatic.


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  1. >I loved hearing it all. Miss you guys. Love ~

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