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>A year ago I bought these red shoes at a thrift store for $3.  I’ve never had the opportunity to wear them yet!  This weekend, when I found out that Matthew was wearing a red vest and tie with his tuxedo, I thought the perfect time had come to break them in!  I honestly didn’t have any outfit to match them, so by faith, the morning of the wedding we went out after breakfast with 30 minutes on hand.  Matthew ran into Great Clips to get a haircut, and I ran to Target to find an outfit.  I was thrilled to find a cute black dress, and used my Christmas gift card to purchase it.  I zoomed by Great Clips to pick up Matthew, then we got ready in 10 minutes flat.  We were at the church a few minutes late, but with still 45 minutes until the wedding started.  Fun! =)  Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to put a flush to your cheeks!


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