>I’m so thankful for the new kitchen I freecycled last night!  Freecycle is a network of people who give away things they no longer use or want.  This was a huge blessing and even came with a few plastic dishes!  Elsie loves it!


3 thoughts on “

  1. >Seriously, I had NO idea you were blogging again. Well, I shall immediately add you to my blog list so I can stay updated! Love you!

  2. >Very cute 🙂 Your kids will have so much fun imagining with it!! What "food" (real or fake!) have you given them to play with?I need ideas!! So far they've just used pasta.We just got a kitchen this weekend, in fact I just blogged about it last night 🙂

  3. >The person whom I freecycled it from provided a bag of plastic food. But they pretty much just use the dishes and the food is imaginary. Pasta is a great idea!

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