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>When our car breaks down something exciting is about to happen. Well, not only is it about to happen, but I suppose it is actually happening at that moment as well. For the past few months I’ve noticed a gradual decline in our car’s ability to make it into reverse without making awful clunking noises. I mentioned it to the mechanic a couple of times but he never seemed too worried about it. Well, it was quite bad after this weekend and so we signed it up for an oil change this morning and to take a look at its reversing inabilities. Turned out the transmission is shot and they said they couldn’t even get it to go into reverse. Well, I didn’t exactly believe them about that one, since it had reversed that morning. We picked it up to discuss what to do next, as it wasn’t really in the budget to clunk down $2,500 for a new transmission on a 13 yr old van. I had an errand to do, and thought as long as I don’t go in reverse all will be well. It was. Unfortunately I had to go in reverse, though. I thought I could make a wide sweeping turn at the end of someone’s driveway, but couldn’t, so I gingerly shifted into reverse only to find out that the mechanic was right and it didn’t have reverse anymore; just a terrible grinding sound. So, here we are at a complete stranger’s house, where I had just quickly swung by to pick up a tiny little thing I had bought from her for a Christmas present, and I was stuck. She tried pushing me backwards. The kids tried pushing me backwards. Finally my parents and friend came to push me backwards and it worked! We were a go! Unfortunately we can’t live without reversing sometimes, so we’re working on that right now! If reverse can be likened to “looking back” in life, then we can learn a good lesson! It’s good to look ahead, but we’re also told in the Bible to “remember where we came from” and not forget! Retrace our steps. See how God has worked in the past. Remember the steps by which He led us. And sometimes we need to step back a bit in order to go forward.

We are so happy our van broke now and not a few days ago when we were many many miles from home in Syracuse, NY! We visited Sherry & Aaron for Thanksgiving, and the kids had fun with their cousins! My parents came too, and we were blessed with the scrumptious Marmee Watt Thanksgiving fare! We played much speed scrabble and had a nice walk around their neighborhood before we left on Sunday. It was a great time to relax, though not filled with too much sleep. But sleep is relative when so much fun has to be crammed into only a few days.

Elsie has grown up a little bit more and is now able to get out of her crib and the pack n’ play and toddle downstairs by herself. It has been difficult to get past the cute-ness of it sometimes! She even came wandering into our room last night in the middle of the night, I think with a scary dream. But after a few minutes of cuddling, she gets a crazy grin on her face that melts my heart and signals, “Time to go back to bed. You’re fine.” She is saying everything we say and loves to pray for people. She has a really gutsy side to her that isn’t afraid of anything, and yet she cries quite easily. She is often “humbry” and likes to eat pretty much anything. She says “thank you” SO well.

Jack is a torrent of energy and force. A whirlwind of activity and agility. A mixture of sweetness and brute strength. He loves to grab a spoon out of the silverware drawer and make it into a sword and gallop around the house making loud noises. He likes to be the puppy in Nadine’s games and eat goldfish off the floor. He loves to talk on the phone and pace around the house while he chatters about everything on his mind. He still loves his man-sized portions of oatmeal in the morning. He calls me his princess.
Elijah is aching to be a man. He pointed out yesterday that he has whiskers on his arm. I told him those were not whiskers, they were just hairs. Whiskers will grow on his face. He shows me his muscles multiple times a day. He has bigger muscles than me. He prays for the day to come quickly when he can go with Daddy to work. He can be a goofball, but he is the best one at cheering people up, with his uncanny ability to see beyond himself and into someone else’s heart.
Nadine is almost always in a daydream. She dreams about horses. She dreams about dogs. She plays the piano really well and I can only imagine how much better she would be if she took lessons. Today we were talking about prayer and asking the Lord about something. She said to me, “Sometimes Jesus says yes, sometimes He says no. I hope He says yes on this one.” She is usually the first one to remind me that we ought to pray when there is a crisis about something or an answer to prayer.
Matthew has had a lot of carpentry work, in addition to Starbucks. He recently got promoted to shift supervisor, which is exciting. He is due for a Dr. visit to see what’s going on with the Wegener’s. So far it still seems like nothing. At his last ENT visit 2 weeks ago the Dr. said his nose looked the best he’s ever seen it. He has no pain and actually hasn’t been taking any medicine for about a month. We’ll see what the “official” word is when he goes in to see his bloodwork results.

So, besides trying to maintain our home, keep four children from harm and starvation, cleaning clothes, surfaces, and dishes all while NOT driving in reverse, I have a few spare minutes to read and write and crochet. My favorite time of the day is cozying under the covers next to my man. We usually get as far as saying how that is our favorite part of the day, before that favorite part is dissolved into unconciousness and we wonder how it lasted only a few minutes. And that time is swiftly approaching, so I am going to go enjoy every second of it before I wake up to a new day! Happy December!


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  1. >God is so faithful and I am excited to hearing the continuing story with your van!! Have a wonderful December with your family :)Love you guys!

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