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>Sometimes mothering has pangs of joy.  This morning was one of those times.  Nadine was crying about a great many things, all before 8:00.  So at last she came out with the fact that she really really misses her best friend who lives far away in Jerusalem.  We are about to do a lot of fun things today and she is so sad that she will not get to have her come along to enjoy them with her.  She cried, I comforted her and told her that most of my best friends also lived very far away so I understood how she felt.  Then Jack, out of his own accord, came over, leaned his head on her shoulder and patted her gently.  She was holding tightly to her new stuffed bear that she won at church and slowly handed it over to Jack to hold.  That was a big step!  Then Jack slowly gave her his most precious possession, his ratty bear, and they both hugged eachother’s precious-es.  Then the exchange ended and they smiled shyly at eachother.  I was so touched!


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