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>Who would have thought one dollar could stretch so far? Last week each of the kids got a dollar from Grandma, so Matt took them to the dollar store for a treat. Nadine picked a jumprope and the boys each picked a gun. Those guns have already been taped together, but they’re still going strong! Right now they are marching around the house in the hands of two warriors. They sleep on top of the refrigerator when things get out of control, but for the most part they are in active duty.

Swords have also been a constant love for my warrior boys. I found a really cool book at the library about swords and this morning Jack was on his tummy, knees tucked under him, bottom in the air, looking intently at the pictures. So cute! Last night I went into the boys’ room to look at them while they were sleeping. Jack was all curled up with a big smile on his face and he said in his sleep, “Hi, Levi!” I guess he was dreaming about his friend! =) So cute! Today he and Nadine have been inseparable and Nadine told me that it’s a “me and Jack day all day!” as they danced around in a circle. Then Jack told her, “Let’s get married, deen! Let’s get married!” So they danced again. The other day Jack decided to jump out of his bunkbed. He landed on the trundle bed below, that happened to be pulled out, so he didn’t hit the floor at least. I heard a loud thud then a loud cry. I thought for sure there was a broken bone in my future, but amazingly he only bumped his ankle on the side of the trundle bed and it made a bruise. He learned that trundle beds are not trampolines and that you can’t jump that high unless you have a parachute.

Elijah is persistent in things he wants to do. Like figuring out how to fix things or find things. His prayers are so cute. One day they were pretending to be puppies ALL day. He prayed, “Thank you SO much for helping us to be puppies. Thank you so much for making me a Christian and help us to have a GREAT day for Mommy.” Yesterday he and Jack found a HUGE puddle and went jumping, swimming, dunking and dancing in it. They shed their shirts and every care in the world while dousing themselves in brown muddy water. It’s hard to dampen that kind of joy when a mere washing machine cycle and warm bath will wash everything dirty away. The memories will stay with them forever, though.

Everyone has been into horses afresh after getting to ride them on Sunday. After church we had a huge fall fest complete with hayrides, face-painting, candy, horse-riding, and sunshine! Nadine was thrilled beyond words to ride a horse for the first time! She was all smiles and loved every minute of it, riding her “dreamer”, as she calls any horse that is brown with a black mane and a white spot on its nose. She was looking at pictures of them and said that the way to tell the difference between a girl and a boy horse is to look at their nose to see if they have any white on there or not! Cute! =) I love seeing their dreams being fulfilled! I love how their dreams can be so big, yet not impossible. I love how they are persistent about fulfilling their dreams and have such faith, that hasn’t been tainted yet by other people’s doubts and unbelief.

Elsie is repeating everything we say. She LOVES to sing “This little light of mine” and holds her finger up so we’ll start to sing it. She starts to giggle and smile. She also gets pumped up singing, “the B-I-B-L-E” and shouts, “BIBLE!” at the end. She is a precious darling, especially today as she wandered around in her rainboots and pink fairy-wings.

Besides all of the regular “dailies”, life continues. We are thrilled as we work with the new college/young adult group at our church. It’s been a real joy and we’re excited to see God growing us all up in Him. Our house is still for sale and we continue to trust the Lord that He knows the best timing for every single detail of our lives. We know that as we do the “little” things in front of us and obey His whispers, He will shed light on our next steps at just the right time.


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