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>Sometimes I just sit on the couch with my crocheting and say nothing. My ears are peeled though, and when this happens I usually catch quite a few hilarious moments. Most things are impossible to capture by merely writing them down on paper. But quite a few times yesterday, I laid aside my crochet hook for my pen to remember them saying:

“Save me, oh fire cheeter!” -N
At one point Nadine was playing that she was Daniel in the lion’s den. “King Daria” & “King Daniel” were both key characters in this charade. In one breath, the game was changed to David & Goliath. Then, one breath later, “I’m not King Daria, I’m a fire cheeter.”

Nadine started reading a book to Elijah. When he asked her why Goliath was bad, she stated simply, “Goliath doesn’t have Jesus in his heart.”

Then while reading the story about Noah and the ark, Nadine made this comment about the rainbow: “It’s not a rainbow! It’s pink and blue!”


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