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>This morning we read about Noah. Later on, Nadine was telling me that his sons names were Ham, Shem, & Japheth. Then she said without hesitation, “And the girls were Hacka, Mecka, & Shecka!” I laughed so hard! Where on earth she got those names from I’ll never know! =) The toddler mind is so amazing!

We also read about Daniel in the lion’s den. Later in the morning Nadine & Elijah were running away from the lions and hiding under the table, which I guess was the den, and were exclaiming how the lions didn’t hurt them!

On Elijah squirting suntan lotion everywhere during naptime:
“I did a lot a lot.” He sure did!

On Elijah drinking Tylenol during naptime (all was quiet, but I could hear the tell-tale sound of the clicking medicine bottle cap as he was twisting it shut) :
After disciplining him, I explained how very serious it was not to drink medicine without Mommy’s permission. I told him we might have to go to the hospital. He started to cry, “I don’t want to go to the hosbibol! Then I will be sick! And then I will cry!” “Then I will have a baby.” The last comment almost made me lose my composure. I smiled behind my hand while looking away before finishing our serious conversation.

It’s been a very eventful day.

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