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>Today for school we studied the letter “G”. We are learning the “consonant rhyme” to help them remember what sound each letter makes. Today was, “G stands for g, in g, g, gum!” So, we chewed gum until it lost its flavor, then stuck it to our G page and hung them on the wall. Fun!
I was struck today anew, at how relaxed kids are. I was watching Elijah enjoy a drippy, sticky Popsicle, with juice running down his arms and shirt and onto his toes. He just stood outside happy and content, not caring how it felt, just reveling in the sweet goodness of a summer Popsicle.
Tonight Nadine has her baby doll tucked in her own little port-a-crib, beside her bed. Her name is Nadine too and she was sleeping last we checked. =) This morning at school she told me that today was Monday! I go over the days of the week each day, but hadn’t yet today! I was quite impressed!
Jack is teething I do believe. He cried more than usual today, which was a little difficult. So, we’ll see how he does tonight! He’s eating a little bit of rice cereal each day and loves it. He discovered the joys of plucking grass when I put him on a blanket outside today. He loved that too!


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