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>What a wonderful day we had yesterday at church! Thankfully, the power-point presentation for our Belize trip worked ! It was a special time with the whole team (minus Henry) and brought back lots of memories and yet brought closure to our wonderful summer. Afterwards we went to the Shorts’ house for more fellowship. Had a blast playing basketball and getting black feet too. It felt good to be active and have fun with my husband! =)

Today Mat went to the ENT Dr. and had good news! His nose looks much better than 3 weeks ago. Now he will go back every 6 months to see if his septum is fine and not caving in or corroding. http://www.entnet.org/healthinfo/sinus/sinus_septum.cfm if you want to see what exactly the septum is.

Tonight Nadine was “cooking” macaroni and cheese and “asparagan” (asparagas). We had just finished watching cooking and they had made asparagas. =)

A while ago, after his bath, Elijah said, “Fold me in” (the towel). =)

Jack drank formula for the first time today. Nadine fed him, actually. He drank 8oz!


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