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>We had a wonderful weekend at the Jersey shore for Labor Day. Though we only saw the beach and didn’t swim, it was still a wonderful time. Mat’s grandparents own a tiny shore house about 10 min. from Cape May. So we hung out at the house, took some much-needed naps, cooked a live lobster! and had fajitas all weekend. =) It was great.

We are starting to get excited about moving! It wasn’t really official until yesterday, that we will be moving November 4th! We are buying my parents’ house and they will be moving a couple miles down the road!

Basically the only stitch of packing that I’ve done is organize Jack’s clothes. He is now in 9-12 month clothes… kinda’ skipped the 6 month clothes… and he’s only 4 and half months! What a chunk! =) He is still so smiley and fun!

Tonight is our first youth group meeting since the beginning of the summer! I still have a few things to do before then, but wanted to post a little note.


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