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>Today we had our third day of school! We worked on the letter “C”. So, we cut out carrots and cows out of magazines and drew pictures for people. It was fun! I guess I’m not a very good artist, because Elijah asked me to draw a lion. So I did. He looked at it and said, “Do another mouse.” I said, “A mouse! That’s a lion!” Then Nadine piped up and said, “That looks like a pig!” So, my lion turned out to be half mouse, half pig. =) I am NOT an artist. Sherry, help!

Yesterday we cut out a picture of Bambi since we were learning “B”. Elijah said, “I want to ride on Bambi’s back!” Then Nadine said, “Bambi’s don’t live here.”
Later, she was pretending to be the teacher and said, “Elijah, what does owl start with?”
He would answer, “Whoo! Whoo!”
“That’s right!”

So, we have rather animated times between 7 and 11AM.

The Lord has been strengthening Matthew through this week. His prednisone dose is starting to lower each day, so at times he is feeling the effects of that. We are really looking forward to a time of relaxing this weekend down at the shore with his family.

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