Today I had a great morning with the kids. We did our Bible time, then had to rush off to the Doctor to get shots for Jack. Once there, Nadine commented to the nurse that we were here so Jack could get “shot”. Oh, dear! They all did a great job at the Dr.’s and Jack even smiled at the nurse after all four shots were done and he cried a little. Sweet!

We then ventured to the grocery store where we had to get such essentials as oatmeal and milk and peaches! Again, the kids did great. I somehow maneuvered this gargantuan cart with Nadine & Elijah “driving” the car in front (and getting out at every stop, pretending something-or-other). Jack nestled in his car seat, which barely fit inside the shopping cart basket, and he ended up holding the oats and peaches! We checked out with little incident, both kids were rewarded with gum for such good behavior and off we headed for home to eat lunch!

Well, on our drive home, Elijah got it into his head that he should unbuckle his belts and start monkeying around in the backseat. I told him he would get punished at home, but that didn’t detour him from “enjoying the passing pleasures of sin”. We had all the windows down, and I had a funny feeling (which I should know by now to heed!). Well, next thing I know, Elijah was leaning forward, yellow crocodile shoe in hand, and tossing it OUT the window! I looked in my rear-view mirror just in time to see it skipping and blowing along the highway behind me. I did a quick U-turn and wondered what on earth had gotten into my child. There the shoe was, in the middle of the suicide lane. So, I stopped our van right there, waited for no cars either way, retrieved the shoe, and drove home. Needless to say, the ride home was pretty silent from then on…

After nap-time I polyurethaned some crown-moulding Matthew made for a job he’s doing on Saturday. Then I finished making chicken cacciatore for supper. At one point I looked out the kitchen window from where I had just gone to check on my pot, to see Elijah ON TOP OF our van. Is life ever boring?

Today Nadine was pretending to be a Doctor and had a thermometer with which she was “taking her temper”.

Jack topped the growth charts and is in the 97th percentile for height and weight.


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  1. >Dear Amy,How refreshing it is to hear that your kids are not perfect too, which means that your day has many unexpected “twists and turns” and is never repeatable, predictable, or boring!Every mom can relate to your experiences of seeing your kids get into stuff. My 21-month-old was getting into my medicine cabinet yesterday after discovering how to climb on top of the toilet and reach from there.He also has learned how to open cabinets with latches and how to open ziploc bags to get into my food. My house gets vacuumed a lot! I really should just leave the vacuum cleaner permanently plugged in. :-)Thanks for the reminders that these days are so precious because they are not repeatable. What a great reminder that our kids are the treasures in the sack — even if we feel like “sacking” them sometimes. :-)God bless, and keep being such a great mommy!Blessings,Amy Knight

  2. >My boys are up and ready for the day. I am getting there but happy to see my little guys smiling faces. They are too cute! :-)Hope your day is starting well too!

  3. >Dear Aim, your blog has inspired me to start my own and it has been a joy to have a forum to write! Mommy’s need their own creative outlets too! I so enjoy reading the accounts of your life and often wish we were just a bit closer to one another. Maybe someday, if not here than in Heaven. Love, Ruthie

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