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A great day with the kids. Some days I FEEL like a mom, instead of, well, like a drill seargent or a frustrated lunatic. It’s exciting when things go well and their feet get dirty and then wash away in the bathtub. It’s especially exciting to me when bedtime goes smoothly and no one sneaks down the stairs right about the time I think they’re asleep. Sure, we had almost an entire bottle of apple juice spilled on the floor when Elijah tried to “help”. We had handfuls of hair at another point of the day. There were loud wails for Daddy when something didn’t want to be done.

The hardest part of my day was finding out that Matthew’s Wegener’s Disease has worssened in his sinuses, and hearing his confession of how it hurt to get them cleaned out at the Dr. today. I am filled with wonder at what is going to become of us through all of this. One thing is that I love Matthew SOOOO much more each day and appreciate every moment with him. His heavy breathing at night no longer bothers me. I am thrilled he is beside me. He is the best, most incredible husband in the entire world.

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