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>This is my first ever blog experience. I’ve heard so much about it! Thought it might help me get back into writing. Three kids under age 3 keep me pretty busy, but I never want to be too busy to write!
Also in my first entry I thought it might be appropriate to explain the title of my blog. In Genesis 42-44, Joseph’s brothers leave Egypt with sacks of grain from Joseph’s storehouses. Joseph then commands his servants to restore each man’s money to his sack which they paid for their grain. This is what one of them said as he opened his sack, “My money has been restored and there it is, in my sack!” (42:28) Then I love what Joseph’s steward says to the brothers when they confess their confusion at the money being returned to them, “Peace be with you, do not be afraid. Your God and the God of your father has given you treasure in your sacks.” (43:23) This kind of describes my life. God has given me everything I need. The grain that sustains. Then sometimes I discover pieces of gold in my sack of grain… a little something extra, something rich, something shiny! Sometimes I think, “What is this?! Am I allowed this treasure?” Then I’m left at peace when the Lord reminds me that it was HE Who gave me treasure in my sack.
So, that is the meaning behind this title. I remember telling my mom that if my dream ever came true of publishing a book, I would call it “Gold In My Sack.” Well, I’ll call my first blog that instead. Maybe the book will come one day…
The entries to this blog will include tidbits of gold that God has placed in my life. A lot of it will come from three precious children God has blessed me with and a wonderful husband. My life is really full and I hope I can spill some of its joys out onto these pages.


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