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Fingerless Gloves & Papaya

It’s 8am and only the sound of batter sizzling in the waffle iron is hitting my ears.  Snow fell rather silently all night long, accompanied by vicious wind, which uncharacteristically woke me up several times throughout the night.  We even ended up with a small little darling in our bed, half-way through the night.  Nadine is getting snowed in at a friend’s house, which caused Elsie to abandon her usual spot with Betty, and snuggle instead in big sister’s bed.  This in turn caused Betty to find her way to our room in the middle of the howling night with some howling of her own, begging us to bring Elsie back to her bed so she could sleep.  It’s sisterly love at its finest.  Just not at 3am, please.  Snuggling in our bed was certainly only second best.  I was reminded once again just how much room one tiny body can take, and by 7:00 I found myself more than ready to abandon my swiftly shrinking cacoon and make for the kitchen.  With snow piling up outside, I decided to do what any snowstorm calls one to do: make cinnamon rolls and waffles.  Carb overload for survival.  So, with the dough proofing in the oven, waffles sizzling away, and snow falling, my half-gloved fingers are enjoying what my African heart is craving: papaya.  2016-01-23 08.03.47And a hot mug of tea.  2016-01-23 08.28.17Matthew comes downstairs, with his slippered feet shuffling across the kitchen to me.  By now, everyone has emerged from their beds.  2016-01-23 08.35.34He gives me a big kiss, which gets a full evaluation by our eager observers.  “Eeew!  That’s gross!”  “Oh, man.  They’re kissing on the lips!”  “I’m just looking at my plate.”  “How do you breathe for that long?!”  “Doesn’t your air go into his nose?”  Yep.  It’s always preeetttty romantic having a running commentary while exchanging  a kiss.  But that’s okay.  I love that he’s not ashamed to show how much he loves me in front of eager eyes.

Here’s to a snow day full of cinnamon rolls, a turkey dinner and each other!

That’s right.  A turkey dinner is on our list.  We thought since we never had a white Christmas, we will extend our celebrations to mid-January.  So if you happen to find yourself craving a turkey dinner, we’ll carve a spot out on our street for you and you can join us at our table.


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The Greatest Loss

It was his first match in two years.  His opponent had definition in his arms and fire in his eyes.  As the match progressed it was obvious to me that Elijah’s opponent didn’t have a tremendous amount of skill but he made up for that with aggression.

Elijah, on the other hand, was almost trembling with nervousness.  In that moment I don’t know exactly what he was thinking but I am sure there was a mental battle between the thoughts,”I can’t do this” and “just keep breathing!”

For the past few weeks Elijah had been tagging along to wrestling practice with me and Jack.  Elijah wrestled two years ago but last year decided he didn’t want to continue.  It was hard for me not to press him.  I knew his participation in the sport would be really good for him. He has struggled in a few areas in his life pressing forward when it’s hard.  This is one of the core principles of the sport of wrestling; when you’re out there all alone, nowhere to hide, all your weaknesses exposed and you know you’re going to lose; you still fight.

Elijah whispered to me during one of the practices he was watching, “I kind of miss it.”  I could see in his eyes the desire to be out there working hard. He expressed this a few times and we agreed to have him join the team with the absolute agreement that if he started there would be no quitting.

Jack has been practicing with the advanced group and we thought Elijah, although less experienced he is older, would start his first practice with this group.  He did, and lasted all of three minutes.  He couldn’t keep up with the intensity level. After two minutes of sprints and bear crawls he looked up at me with nervous pain and fear in his eyes and said,”I think I broke something.”  In Elijah speak this means, this is really hard and I want to quit. As he walked off the mat and sat down I realized I was raising a son who was being controlled by his fear.  The intermediate group practiced that next evening and that night I sent Elijah this email:

“Elijah, I love you. I don’t accept your quitting. You are not allowed to quit. You need to allow the man that is inside of you to come out through this hard work. The quitting spirit inside of you needs to be put to death. Every time you step onto the mat and stay there you put another knife in that quitting spirit. Every time you walk away in fear the quitting spirit gains strength. This wrestling season it’s time to pin that quitter inside of you down and put it to rest, for good!! So, when you walk onto the mat tomorrow with coach Bob, when you take your first step onto the mat, tell yourself, I’m learning not to quit, I won’t quit. Wrestling for you has very little to do with winning matches and that’s ok. It has everything to do with feeling pain and fear and struggle, and pushing forward. I love you and I push you because I KNOW you ARE strong! I see it deep inside of you and it is my job and passion to see my boys become strong men in the Lord!  I love you Elijah!”

It was no longer about whether or not Elijah wanted to be a part of the wrestling team or if he enjoyed the sport.  I saw in my son at that practice a weakness that could potentially haunt him for the rest of his life.  I knew he needed the struggle of wrestling for purging and forming this son of mine into a young man with confidence, perseverance and self-respect.

After two practices Elijah was going to face off against this aggressive kid from Valley Forge Military Academy.  Not exactly a warm welcome back.  This is exactly the point though; life is not full of unending warm welcomes and there is not always a safe space.  When those times come you have to know who you are and how to stand your ground.

With deep breaths Elijah walked out onto the mat.  He was literally tossed around for 50 seconds. With ten seconds left in the first period Elijah was tossed to the mat again. On his way down the referee didn’t move quickly and Elijah smacked his forehead into the officials shin.  The buzzer sounded the end of the first period and Elijah laid there, sobbing.  Coach Bob looked at me as if to say, aren’t you going to go help him? I wasn’t sure what to do.  It is so hard to push you kids into pain.  It is hard to give them no option to quit when in that moment they feel like there is no ability to move forward.  I walked out and told him to lift his head up.  Whispering in his ear I said,”this is exactly why we’re here.  This is when you have to learn to keep fighting.”  Slowly he rose but a part of his spirit was crushed.  He just wanted the whole thing to be over.  Less than a minute later Elijah was on his back and the match was over.  He stumbled off the mat sobbing,”I can’t do this.”

The image of Boromir came to my mind for some reason.  I asked Elijah if he remembered the scene in the first Lord of the Rings when Boromir fights off orks while being killed with arrows.  He said yes.  “Elijah, you are Boromir. Even if you know you are going to lose you have to fight.” The example resonated in his mind and I could see in his eyes the scene playing.  He knew exactly what I was talking about.

A little later that day it was time for him to step onto the mat again. “Let’s go Boromir!” I shouted.  Three minutes later he was finished.  He stood his ground and finished the match.  It was a 6-1 loss.  The greatest loss I have ever experienced.  A loss that will reap immeasurable gain as I call out the man in my son. It was emotional for Amy and I as we talked about the struggle in our boys to become men, emotions of pure joy and gratitude. This is just a much a journey for me as it is for my boys.  All of the sudden we’re at this point in their lives where ideas are becoming reality through the crucible of wrestling, and I am loving it!

We bought this shirt for Elijah which had arrived the mail when we came home from the match.  He hasn’t taken it off yet. We’re not looking back.


-Written by my favorite guest writer, Matthew Weldon.  AKA: the best husband, dad, and coach in the world!

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Twelve Years Ago, This Song

Twelve years ago. I had a little baby boy growing inside me.  But for seven months my body wasn’t acting how it should.  Abnormal bleeding and on bed-rest, I spent most of my days doing absolutely nothing.  Looking back, I regret not using that time for reading piles of books and crafting great and glorious quilts or blankets.  But that’s the thing with age.  We grow and hopefully become wiser and use our time more productively because we see how precious it is.  I remember moving into Matt’s parent’s house so they could help care for Nadine.  She turned one, and I didn’t get to take walks around the neighborhood with her, or chase her in the leaves.  It was  bumpy chapter in our life.  For almost seven months I woke up every day wondering if I would ever be able to hold, snuggle, and watch this boy grow.  Then, at 31 weeks, my water broke.  Matthew rushed me to the hospital, and we were even more aware of how possible it was to lose this wee boy.  I was given shots to help develop his lungs and there was a whir of activity in the hospital room.  I don’t remember much of that week in the hospital.  Nadine learned to walk that week, and I remember her walking into that room in shiny black patent leather shoes, white stockings and a sweet corduroy dress.  My mom brought me a bisccotti container to decorate my room.  She also brought a boombox, because I didn’t have things like ipods or iphones or even a portable CD player.  There was this CD I listened to over and over, and whenever I hear this song, I am transported back to that hospital bed, hand on my belly, praying over this boy.  My prayer was always that he would be a man of prayer and faith, like Elijah in the Bible.  Tomorrow the next chapter of his life began, on the day he was born.  Early to us, but to God: right on time.

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There Is No Way on Earth Those Pants Are My Size (and other snippets of my day)

There’s a bowl of pretty-well-licked-out melted chocolate chips next to me.  I’m on my third cup of hot tea for the evening (decaf of course) and my head has a slight ache (chocolate helps that, right?).  It’s been one of THOSE days.  It began well.  Very well, in fact.  I came downstairs to find the children playing school.  I mean, we homeschool, so I thought the possibility of PLAYING school was out of the realm of possibility.  It helps that as of yesterday evening, after finishing our first term of school without one, we finally have an actual school table.

We had a blast at IKEA yesterday, picking out our school table!

We had a blast at IKEA yesterday, picking out our school table!

A new table apparently makes doing school super exciting.  I even overheard the teacher telling her students: “That test is going to be very severely graded!”  It was all fun and games, but then I turned my body and saw a huge pile of STUFF in the corner.  Something went off in my head, and picking EVERYTHING UP OFF THE FLOOR THAT ISN’T FURNITURE became top priority.  (That is my favorite thing to say, by the way.)  I may have gone a bit crazy.  End result: full trashcan, clean floor, settled mama.

Processed with Moldiv

Somehow in there, the clock decided to jump ahead a few hours to it being the time we were supposed to be headed out the door for Elijah’s guitar lesson.  Thankfully, his teacher is super flexible, and we were able to scoot out the door a couple hours later.  Meanwhile, because time likes to be ornery, I couldn’t figure out why everyone was yelling and crying and not getting their math problems… until I actually looked at the clock and saw it was way past noon.  Everything stopped.  Eggs were cracked into frying pans.  Sriracha sauce was uncapped.  Avocados were cut.  Bread was toasted.  Bellies were filled.  Math made sense again.

I do love how every day is different.  Though there are some things that happen almost every day.  Like, a cup of hot tea in the morning.  And Nadine cleaning up the kitchen every night.  She has become quite proficient at it.  I encourage all you mamas of pre-teens… get them started!  Nadine has been hard at work doing this job for over a year, but has it down to a perfected science.  I am usually at my most exhausted, and she somehow almost always gets a second wind around 9:00.  Win, win!  I found that she does a much better job when I leave the room and don’t micromanage how she does it… because, surprise of all surprises… we have VERY different approaches when it comes to how we get it clean.  The end result is pretty much the same, however.  Thank you, darling!  (She can read this… because she’s a teenager now and subscribes to her mama’s blog… I am BEYOND touched and love her so much!)

In the midst of the chaos that was today, I did chisel out thirty minutes of quiet, alone time with the Maker of the Universe.  How’s that for a date?  I think sometimes I only see Him as that and get all nervous to lay my requests before Him and wait in expectation.  So, today I did just that.  The peace which overwhelmed my soul was indescribable.  Before, the sky was cloudy and cold.  After, the clouds were stunning with glimpses of sunshine pouring out like beams of pure gold.  He has a way of reminding me of how close He really is, even though my heart strives constantly to do and go and accomplish.  He says to just be.

A few other chaotic things happened today after that peace, but isn’t that life on this side of Heaven?  One of them was disagreeing strongly with the man at Goodwill that the pants I was buying for Elsie were in fact for a child and not for an adult as he was ringing them up to be.  I even took them from his hand, held them up to my body and told him that there was no way on earth I would ever fit in these pants which clearly fit on my daughter… and I held them up to her.  He didn’t budge.  My blood was boiling inside because it was very clear who was right and who wasn’t.  There was a long line and so I chose… peace.  I mean, I wasn’t really upset that I was getting them for $2 instead of $1;  I was just upset because I was right and he was wrong.  Yeah.  That’s super.  Anyway, I didn’t blow up and I even made out with an amazing $2 necklace… which goes great with my plaid, don’t you think?
2015-11-11 21.24.57
By the time we arrived home, supper was zero percent away from being started, I was hangry, and it was 5:30 and dark outside.  I threw ROCK HARD FROZEN chicken into a pan with salt, pepper, and lemon juice and miraculously didn’t burn it.  Matthew always can tell when I don’t cook with a little bit of love poured into the food.  I think it’s because my dear friend, with her beautiful smile and loving self, walked into my kitchen at that exact moment and the love started seeping out my pores and into the pan of chicken.  It didn’t burn, and tasted amazingly delicious all chopped up in our salad.  The evening was spent with my friend, dreaming and building our business together.

Now my third cup of tea is cold.  Time is playing tricks on me again, because it keeps telling me hours have passed since I last looked at the clock.  My children keep getting taller and making food non-existent in our refrigerator and cupboards.  Betty said the funniest thing the other day.  I have no idea what was going on, but she told me: I have a feeling of myself.
Really?  What do you feel?

Like Jack and Elsie are going to find a real mouse.  I have a bad feeling.

Then, the other day Elsie and Betty were playing house, complete with pretend money, and I overheard this very upset showdown between mother and daughter:
You  bought a dog?! You just wasted all our money!– Elsie
But she gave me a change! said Betty cheerfully.
It’s still not enough! -Elsie

Now my fourth cup of tea is hot, because my intuitive husband just came and gave me a refill.  I’m excited to snuggle up with him tonight.  I’m so thankful I am his and he is mine.  Elsie just came and asked if she can listen to jazz music to fall asleep.  Every day is so full of moments of gratefulness and awe.  I’m so thankful for many things, but mostly I’m thankful for God’s grace, and that my life is not a test to be severely graded, because it would be an utter failure!

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Tapestry of Fall & Family

I was walking in between them, my arms interwoven with theirs, strong and beautiful, like a perfect piece of tapestry.  We laughed as the leaves fell around us, and I looked at them both and said, “I remember pushing you two in a double baby stroller!”  And here we are now, leaning on eachother, laughing at jokes everyone understands, and these babies are growing up faster than I can catch my breath.  We’ve always been held together by love, but now it’s not just me giving all of my strength to keeping them alive and nourished.  Now they are also supporting me with their love and wisdom and bodily presence.  I don’t want them to stop growing up, because I love each stage they’re experiencing.  Yet I want it to freeze sometimes, like a perfect ray of sunshine which captures a moment before winking at you and disappearing forever.  Time keeps winking at me.  Having the last say.  Making these babies taller than me, stronger than me.  Their hearts aren’t so grown up yet, and I relish their simplicity of thought.  I am humbled by their generous thinking well of everyone.  I love this time of shaping and molding and letting them sprout their wings a bit more and dream big dreams.

This girl.  She is so becoming and growing responsible.  This month she turned thirteen.  How is it possible?  A couple of weeks ago we couldn’t use water inside our house, and she washed all of the dishes with boiled water in a big bowl outside on the patio.  She’s a hard worker and loves challenges.  She always has room in her heart for one more person to love and makes them feel as if they’re the most important person in the world.  She is stronger than impenetrable circles, also known as cliques, because she has the courage to talk to the ones on the outside of them.  Things are not important to her.  Only hearts.
October 2015 phone photos2
This young man.  He is different these days.  Thinking deeper thoughts and dreaming bigger dreams.  If you are a close friend, then he has probably cried for you as he lifts you in prayer, because his heart is softer than any boy I’ve ever known.  He has been working so hard lately to be stronger in some areas.  Elijah also has the gift of music and making taste-buds sing.  He’s turning into quite the chef, and has made some pretty mouth-watering meals for us recently!  He made up a song for Nadine’s birthday, and had us roaring with laughter as he made up a verse for everyone in our family.
October 2015 phone photos1
Then there’s this other young man.  He gets through his schoolwork so he can hammer more nails to his fort, or create some inventory for his newest business venture.  On Saturday, he forgot to eat lunch because he was so intent on getting his business underway: selling homemade wooden toys!  Matthew was able to take him to work one day this week, which made our house a lot quieter.  The best part of the day, though, was when he came home, and everyone ran out to Matt’s truck to welcome him home, and swap stories around the dinner table.  Jack has a pretty dry sense of humor that is starting to develop more as he matures.  He isn’t afraid of throwing a dance party in our front yard, choreographed to whatever music is playing in someone’s car going down the street.
October 2015 phone photos
Number four is as industrious as a worker bee, making our world much sweeter with all of her buzzing.  She loves to read and dance and do cartwheels.  She often prances around and says, “I’m SO happy!”  She loves life with every ounce of her being.  Whenever she receives good news larger than her heart can bear, she starts to cry and laugh all at the same time.  She is such a sweet big sister to Betty, and the two stick together like glue.  The other day, I had the ironing board out in our room.  Not one, but two of our children came in with wonder and curiosity on their faces.  Elsie stared wide-eyed and gasped, “What IS that thingy?”  I guess it doesn’t see the light of day much.
October 2015 phone photos4
Our sweet number five keeps us smiling and laughing all day long.  The other morning she walked into our room and woke me up by saying, “Mommy?”  Once I answered her she said, “I think I’m going back to bed now.” And tiptoed back to bed.  I lay with sleepy-dust and laughter both tickling my eyes.  When we were at the farm, feeding the animals, she exclaimed about the pigs: “They’re STARVING!” and gleefully gave the famished pigs more food.  She loves to help.  In the kitchen, around the house, if someone is sick or hurt.  She adores school and wants to “read” everything and paint every day.
October 2015 phone photos3
This past week was spent recuperating from a long weekend away last week.  What a blessing to have earned a trip to Washington DC with the company I work for, and have so many amazing memories tucked away from our time there.  Hanging out with good friends, meeting new friends, a concert by Jewel, being inspired by the humorous Rita Davenport, delicious food, and quality time with Matthew.

Processed with Moldiv

Yesterday, we experienced Wyebrook Farm for the first time.  What a gorgeous fall day to be together and be spoiled by stunning scenery and delicious food!
2015-10-25 14.07.35
This guy.  He is so incredibly hard-working without complaint.  I love dreaming big with him by my side.
2015-10-25 15.28.23
Happy fall, from our family to you!
2015-10-25 16.01.33-1


We Waited A Decade For This Moment

Today held one of those moments in life which freeze a forever picture onto your mind’s eye.  Matthew had a follow-up doctor’s appointment with a couple of his ENT specialists down at Jefferson.  All the kids came along, and we maneuvered the parking garage, elevators, city blocks and waiting room chairs.  The first doctor took a look down his throat, through his nose.  I have been to every appointment where he has been scoped, and have seen enough inflammation to know the moment the picture came on the screen, that this was “normal”.  I videoed the procedure and now have something with which to compare it.  These are screen shots of a cell phone video… but if you have any sort of medical background you’ll probably be able to see the difference between the two:

Matthew's vocal chords, 2014 and 2015.

Matthew’s vocal chords, 2014 and 2015.

His first doctor said, “What are you doing?”  Matthew told him he’s been keeping a pretty strict diet, exercising, plus added some supplements which have been really helping.  “Well, whatever you’re doing, keep doing!” were his instructions.  He said he had never seen his throat and nose look that good.  In his words: “I see no evidence of disease at all. There is no inflammation.”  He was so pleased.  The second doctor was even more flabbergasted. Especially when he learned Matthew is no longer on any prescription meds.  “There is no crusting in your sinuses whatsoever.  Not even a bit.  It looks completely clean as a whistle.  What are you doing differently?” he asked.  So Matthew told him about Plexus and how we’ve been taking supplements which target gut health, inflammation and balancing blood sugar.  He was super interested and wanted to know a bit more about it.  Then he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing!” and asked for more information.  This journey of a decade has seen us sitting in MANY waiting room chairs.  More doctor dates than I can count.  I am so thankful for the many people who have prayed and supported us through this journey.  It feels like the end of a really difficult race, yet I know it’s actually the beginning of a new lap in life.   One of the hardest turns was two years ago.  These verses spoke into the darkness which threatened to swallow us in that hospital room: 
We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself.  Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.  He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and He will deliver us again. On Him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us,  as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many. (2 Corinthians 1)
Today I feel like the last part of those verses has come to a sort of fruition.  We know there has been much glory and praise given to our GREAT God and deliverer today.  Because of what He has done through our circumstances, we are unable to keep our mouths shut.  

I want to take it a step further here.  We feel like nothing which has happened to us has been for nothing.  If our story helps one person, it has been worth it.  Yet, we don’t want to just be an encouraging story you read.  We want our story to stir you into action.  Yeah, it’s not easy to change your lifestyle, eat a whole new way and exercise when it’s almost never convenient.  And if I used strong language I would insert it here.  It also SURE ISN’T EASY to sit in a hospital and wonder if your life will be taken away or spared.  That changes you.  It changed us to action, research, questioning everything, and trying new things.  Our story is not over, but it’s been an incredible page-turner so far.  Everyone’s health journey is SO personal and intimate to them.  But if I could look you straight in the eye and beg you not to wait until it’s too late to get a hold of your health, I would.

We’ve been trudging through a pile of puzzle pieces for so long, and both feel that Plexus has been that last missing piece, bringing everything together.  Because his gut is healing, other things are happening.  In four months, Matthew feels better than he ever has on any prescription meds.  The amount of reading and research I’ve done has solidified my belief.  Now to have two elite specialists giving us their thumbs up: incredible.  2015-09-26 11.59.53

I love this picture of Betty and him counting to 100 while they waited for the doctor to come.  I get choked up in humble thanksgiving that our children are blessed with such an amazing dad.  His faith, endurance, and gentleness stand out to me the most.
2015-09-30 14.41.15-1 2015-09-30 17.00.57

Thank you for praising with us together tonight!

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September Snapshots

This week in school has been busy!  We made gliders in Science class one day to learn about drag and experiment with a long skinny wing vs a short and wide wing… which flies further?  It’s always fun when school can be brought outside.
September 2015
Our sidewalk always needs a sweep, and we have a few kids who adore sweeping.  I love her joy and I also love her outfit… which has been going strong for three days now.  I think it’s one of her favorites too!  DSC_7828-2
I’m thankful for homeschooling, but by three o’clock my brain is toast and I need a few minutes of alone time.  The other day Betty, who’s middle name is shadow, said, “I really want to follow you because I have a lot of stuff to say to you!”  I mean, really.  How do you not squeeze someone like that?  She’s also very perceptive of when I need a break.  A couple days ago, she happened to be walking up the stairs behind me as I retreated to my room for a few minutes of silence.  She immediately said, “I’m not following you, mom.”  I laughed on the inside, and her wit started the process of melting away the stress of that day.  She is loving Kindergarten.  She constantly wants to do more and learn more.
September 20151
Elijah continues to invent, experiment and build.  He got over his fear and mastered a front flip off the diving board this summer.  He almost made me dive headfirst into our grill while I was flipping hamburgers the other night, when he snuck up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me!  He’s a great big brother.  He loves music and his guitar lesson is the highlight of his week.
Captured Videos
Nadine is doing great in school.  She loves her time with her rabbits.  Yes, Oreo is really jumping into the air.  He races around our front porch and Nadine says he’s happy when he does that.  I don’t speak bunny, but she does.  She occasionally babysits now, which she enjoys very much!  She is super into coloring to de-stress, and continues to be the best letter-writer in the County!
September 2015 phone photos1
Jack keeps improving on his reading.  He is strong and a perfectionist.  He enjoys competing with Matthew and one day he will beat him, I’m sure!  He totally beats me in pull-ups, push-ups and the like.  He loves to play with coins and carry them around in a sock.
September 2015 phone photos2
Elsie is a great big sister.  She and Betty still enjoy twinning some days.  She is very much into gymnastics, even though not officially taking lessons. She watched some YouTube videos and learned how to do a back bend, and how to do a back pullover on the bars!  She has turned into a bookworm, and I love that her favorite book right now was one of my favorite books when I was her age: Annie Oakley!  She constantly is tidying up around the house, and more than a few times I have come upstairs at the end of the day to find the bathroom scrubbed, or my bed made.  She is a strong girl with a lot of determination!
September 2015 phone photos3
In a few weeks Matthew & I will be running the Ragnar relay again.  So I’ve been running a lot.  Since we started taking Plexus and my blood sugar has been stabilizing, I actually sweat now.  I never used to sweat, and so this is a new phenomenon for me and I text way too many pictures of my sweaty face to Matthew because it tickles me… literally!  When I’m not running or teaching school, I’m IN school or in our kitchen.  Things I study: I’m still studying to become a certified aromatherapist, which I love and dive into when there’s a free evening.   Also, constantly researching gut health.  My favorite beverage is a tumeric latte, which helps with inflammation.  It’s a sad evening when the whole thing spills all over the table and dyes the floor yellow.  It’s amazing stuff.
September 2015 phone photos4
Time with Matthew is incredibly precious.  The other night we were able to slip away for a little date.  I pulled out some shoes I haven’t worn since I was a teenager.  Fun times!
In closing, I’ll attach a video we made yesterday.  In science we decided to conduct a little experiment about a product in our house we generally think is “healthy”.  But is it?  Check it out to see our amateur video attempts.  This was our first run through, and the kids thought the humor was fun so here it is.  First cut.  Enjoy!


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